Spotlight: Or8 Youth Leadership Program

From time to time, we’ll highlight exceptional educational opportunities that we hope will be of use to you.

Here’s one we think you ought to know about: 

“The Youth Leadership Program at the Hudson Youth Centre is a multifaceted and progressive coaching program. It is an eight week program where we boost the leadership, creative and entrepreneurial potential of the youth leaders participating.

Leadership Program ImageWe are in this together! We need group of like-minded individuals to become a team and support one another throughout the program. At the same time coaching and mentoring will be provided to ensure success. Some of the things that will be learnt include teamwork and leadership, public/impromptu speaking and how to run a meeting. We also delve into “what is money”, budgeting and the basics of a business. You will also learn to provide positive feedback to other people. These skills will help you excel in school, university and in your future career.

And did I mention that, not only is the program great fun, your self-confidence will go through the roof!

Sign up today by calling Mick McCafferty 514 616 5994 or email mick@mickmccafferty.com

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