About Us

With a focus on classical education from a Christian perspective, Foundations and Futures seeks to provide resources and services to parents looking to homeschool for academic excellence, spiritual integrity, and successful adulthood.

Norma Tochijara

Norma Tochijara was born in Mexico City, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Therapy and where she met her husband. After three years of marriage, they moved to Ottawa, Canada for work. They lived there for 10 years, and had their first two sons. She began homeschooling them and then moved to Montreal, Quebec where they had a baby girl who is now safe in the arms of God. She continued the adventure of homeschooling and appreciated growing every year in her experience as a teacher alongside her growing sons.

Norma was exposed to classical education in Ottawa and fell in love with the model. She embraced it, and by God’s grace educated her sons throughout high school. Now both of them have completed their secondary education and attend university.

Norma currently teaches Spanish at Veritas Scholars Academy, an online Classical school. She loves teaching and working with high school students. Norma also serves as a member of the Hudson-St-Lazare Reformed Presbyterian Church and enjoys many hobbies like learning to crochet, reading, painting and refinishing furniture, gardening, and spending time with her family.


Amanda Jager deBlois


Amanda Jager deBlois is a native of Ottawa, Ontario and a second-generation homeschooler and lover of Classical education.  Amanda was bitten by the classical bug while attending Trinity Academy of Raleigh for her high school education. After graduation, she moved to Montreal to study philosophy at McGill University. Driven by a desire not to be a starving philosopher one day, Amanda ironically transferred to the Department of Education in search of a lucrative career. She graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Education, while taking as many elective philosophy classes as she could. She completed her Master of Arts degree in Cultures and Values in Education at McGill University in 2014, with a focus on how alternative forms of schooling, such as home education, can effectively educate students for participation in democratic citizenship.


Amanda met her husband of fifteen years while at McGill University, and they currently reside with and homeschool their five children in Hudson, QC. Amanda has the privilege of teaching children’s Sunday School classes as a member of Hudson/St-Lazare Reformed Presbyterian Church and also teaches philosophy, history, literature, and writing to middle- and high-schoolers at Veritas Scholars Academy. Amanda has no spare time, but if she did, she would enjoy sitting down in peace and quiet.