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    Webinar Event Recording

    Last night we hosted our first webinar event. The recording is available here for those who weren’t able to attend. What a delight it was to get to know some of you and hear your questions and comments on classical education, home education, and completing high school with options! Join us tonight, June 1st, at 7pm EST for information on applying to university as a homeschooler and a panel discussion with recent graduates who have done just that! It’s not too late to register here to get the link to tonight’s meeting.

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    Classical Education, Part 1: Foundations

    Begin at the Beginning: The Classical Approach   “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” – Plato Toddlers are excellent at grammar. Case in point: my three-year-old was helping me fold laundry this morning, and told me that I was folding her shirt wrong; her babysitter “dooz it like THIS!” Sure, she was wrong — both about the proper way to fold a tee shirt and about how to pronounce “does” — but she was identifying and applying a rule of grammar more accurately than most high school graduates can: the third person singular form of a verb in the present tense is formed by adding -s…