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    Spotlight: Or8 Youth Leadership Program

    From time to time, we’ll highlight exceptional educational opportunities that we hope will be of use to you. Here’s one we think you ought to know about:  “The Youth Leadership Program at the Hudson Youth Centre is a multifaceted and progressive coaching program. It is an eight week program where we boost the leadership, creative and entrepreneurial potential of the youth leaders participating. We are in this together! We need group of like-minded individuals to become a team and support one another throughout the program. At the same time coaching and mentoring will be provided to ensure success. Some of the things that will be learnt include teamwork and leadership,…

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    Classical Education

    Classical Education, Part 1: Foundations

    Begin at the Beginning: The Classical Approach   “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” – Plato Toddlers are excellent at grammar. Case in point: my three-year-old was helping me fold laundry this morning, and told me that I was folding her shirt wrong; her babysitter “dooz it like THIS!” Sure, she was wrong — both about the proper way to fold a tee shirt and about how to pronounce “does” — but she was identifying and applying a rule of grammar more accurately than most high school graduates can: the third person singular form of a verb in the present tense is formed by adding -s…

  • Docendo Discimus,  Literature

    Docendo Discimus – Sabbath Rest

    Docendo discimus is Latin for “In teaching, we learn.” I often think I’ve learned more as a teacher than I ever did as a student. I’ll occasionally share reflections on those “learning moments” here on the Foundations and Futures blog.  One of my high school classes is studying George Herbert’s poetry right now. George Herbert was a 17th century scholar and pastor, who also wrote poetry now classified as “metaphysical.” That is, Herbert’s poetry and that of the other metaphysical poets (most notably, John Donne) deals primarily with matters pertaining to the soul. Paradoxically, these sometimes intimidating poets tackled their metaphysical subject matter through the humblest and most mundane of…

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    Upcoming Webinar Series

    Can you homeschool through high school? Can homeschooled students apply to universities and CEGEPs? What options are available for accredited diplomas? How early do I need to start worrying about these questions? Focusing on the specific needs of Ontario and Quebec homeschooled students, join seasoned homeschool educators for a two-part webinar series that aims to support you as you explore the options open to your students. Cost: FREE! Click here to register. You will receive a link to the webinar location the week before the event. Foundations and Futures Flyer